About Us

Company Profile

BOON Medical places great emphasis on scientific and technological innovation and consistently undertakes extensive research and development activities. Central to its mission is the organization and implementation of research projects focused on significant scientific and technological advancements.  In order to foster continuous innovation, the company is dedicated to rapidly constructing robust scientific and technological innovation platforms.  Additionally, BOON Medical is committed to enhancing its corporate design and development processes, as well as intellectual property systems, with the aim of bolstering its capacity to create, utilize, protect, and manage intellectual property rights.  Ultimately, the company strives to become a leading force in research and development, boasting a wealth of intellectual property advantages including patents, brand trademarks, and standardized research and development practices.


R & D

R & D and production of medical imaging products series; respiratory, surgery, first aid products series; infusion, care and protection products series; obstetrics and Gynecology Products Series; clinical laboratory equipment products series; Nerve and cardiovascular surgical instruments and other products in a number of series.

Quality Control

Since its inception, the company has been strictly in accordance with the requirements of production quality management standards for quality management, and successfully passed the Beijing National Medical Huaguang Certification Co. , Ltd. . IS09001, IS013485, the European CE quality system certification, products through the European Union CE, FDA, Canada CMDCAS, Korea KFDA certification.


All products, whether the core components, or key technologies are independent R & D, product technology and quality level is in the domestic leading edge. So far, the company has obtained 1 invention patent and 13 utility model patents, in 2018 won the"National high-tech Enterprise" title, and a one-time cleaner production expert group audit.


BOON Medical always follows
the quality policy of "Pursuing product excellence and ensuring public health",
and adheres to the service concept of "Satisfying users",
continue to promote the development of health care and human health to make greater contributions.